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Cooperation knows Xizhi technology helps it realize commercial value

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Driven by the digital age, Shanghai Celan Industrial Co., Ltd. needs to help expand the increasingly rich overseas market with a better international brand image and user experience. In this context, Xizhi Technology (World Factory Network) and Shanghai Celan have reached a cooperation in the construction of online headquarters.

Shanghai Sairan Industrial Co., Ltd.'s main products include labor protection products, glass products, hardware and electrical appliances, plastic products, etc. Its sales and factory strength are among the forefront of the domestic labor insurance industry. Knowing that technology has discovered that Sairan’s original website can no longer meet the needs of brand image promotion and business development. Page design, user experience, website structure, function settings, etc. all need to be further optimized and upgraded. Therefore, it is necessary to build a new website to meet and support current and Future business development and operation.

Based on the preliminary research and communication, Know Know Technology provided a solution for the whole case of Shanghai Celan official website revision. Different from the simple increase in website content, the Celan website lacks columns, and it is necessary to build a new brand platform with the attitude of building a new website.

On the basis of existing data, we know that technology collects and integrates more complete and fresh resources, makes good use of current information relationships, combines comprehensive analysis of website user groups, and cooperates with visual design and content logic to solve the problem of "trust" and "transformation" problem. In addition, Celan has always attached importance to and vigorously explored its foreign trade business. Based on this business strategy background, combined with the research and demand analysis of the labor insurance industry, and using cutting-edge international website design specifications, we create a simple and steady international style of Shanghai Celan.

Cooperation knows Xizhi technology helps it realize commercial value

Labor protection products are Shanghai Ceran's main products for overseas markets. How to highlight its product advantages and brand strength in the fiercely competitive overseas market is the key to seizing its own market share. Therefore, it is known that in the construction of Celan’s official website, it has fully demonstrated its products from the main products, series of products, solutions, etc., and strengthened the online expression of products, thereby promoting the development of channels and businesses, and achieving higher business Value conversion. In the product conversion link, Known Technology increases the utilization rate of website pages, sets user calls to action, guides user behavior, and improves the overall conversion rate of pages and websites.

Known Technology accurately grasps the elements of branding, information transformation, basic technology and customer experience, sorts out the website information and organizes and manages the information based on the content-related logic, and creates strong visual performance, excellent user experience, complete information and functions for Shanghai Celan Complete online platform.

Knowing that technology has an in-depth understanding of Shanghai Sailan’s ingenuity and enthusiasm for labor protection products. With the joint efforts of both parties, Sairan will definitely provide users with a truly upgraded high-quality experience, and will continue to create more brand records in the labor protection industry. More commercial value. I also hope that Shanghai Celan will ride on the wave of globalization, gain momentum, and become a practitioner of Chinese quality under the verification of the market.

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